Our purpose is to help brands connect in a meaningful and memorable way with their audience.


SlapFresh is a multidisciplinary, independently-owned creative studio, branding shop, and ideation incubator.


SlapFresh was founded on innovation, design, and technology. We are a design-led organization that crafts world-class experiences to help grow brands and delight customers. We take a customer-centric approach to user experiences, and work with brands to help them reach their goals across all digital platforms. Our design and digital solutions cover brand identity systems, web design and development, mobile apps, digital products, SEO, social media and content marketing, video production and photography, email, advertising, and lead generation.


What makes SlapFresh special is that all of the partners are active creators of the work and are deeply involved on every project. This reflects our conviction that exceptional experiences cannot happen without passion, intelligence, and personal commitment. Together, they have a portfolio that spans over 40 years, countless industries, and have worked on massive public brands, as well as helped launch successful startups.


Simply put, we care about quality design and world class experiences.


Austin Wendelken

Founder / CEO

As a design leader and strategist who is committed to creative collaboration and innovative product solutions, Austin has over 20 years of extensive hands-on experience. Austin has an outstanding record of award-winning achievements in design. Austin has held positions like SVP of Product Design, VP of Design UI/UX and Executive Principal, with work featured in Time Magazine, Housing Wire Tech 100, Mashable, Apple WWDC, Google, Appy Awards Best in Class Mobile App, Addy Awards and multiple publications. Austin has built digitally innovative teams and converted real experiences into market penetrating numbers like $18.1 million in as little as 365 days for brands like Match.com, where he also established and designed experiences like Chemistry, Match, Delightful, and Tinder that resulted in being ranked in the Top 10 grossing apps in the world.


Brittany Wendelken

Co-Founder /
Director of Social Media

"I help brands tell their stories through engaging visual social content to grow their following and drive sales." Brittany has over 10 years of experience managing social media engagement and how the entire platform is deemed to be seen, heard and experienced by the world. Being a director of social media is not just manipulating words and imagery, but also thought and opinion. Brittany brings her passion for coordinating the way a person or brand should be represented on social media by maintaining authenticity and inclusivity on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and more, thus bearing immense responsibilities for both the client and the consumer. From marketing campaigns, events, community building, strategy and storytelling Brittany and her team of digital wizards and witty-wizzes, help brands tell better stories and fuel adventures.

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