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Dallara EXP

Photography + Videography

Starting from the Stradale, a racing car with a license plate, Dallara evolved the concept into the EXP: an uncompromising car that represents the ideal synthesis of decades of experience and passion.


EXPerience, EXPeriment, EXPonential, EXPertise: Dallara EXP is a tool dedicated to true connoisseurs, aiming to represent the highest values of their historic company, and to become its spearhead. Dallara EXP is not a car to be kept locked in the garage like a trophy. It can't wait to be tasted, tested, and experienced.


They made it possible to transform the Stradale into the EXP with the addition of specific contents: a modular process for those who want to experience the thrill of driving on the track while preserving full reversibility.

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